Words of Wisdom



Love is a divine gift only to be completed with the holy bond of marriage and marriage is a bond forever to stay intact not only with love, but also with mutual understanding, integrity, honesty, and respect.  To love is to enter a whole new world, a world of togetherness, a world of sharing… All that is dearest and deepest within your hearts. To love is to remember and keep alive forever all those unique qualities that drew you to one another in the beginning.



passionThose first halting phrases..The wonderful feeling of oneness… when your eyes first met… To love is to constantly search for new ways to bring each other happiness, to make the most of every moment you share together. To love is to create an oasis of tranquility for one another in a quite place, apart from others, where you need not to pretend, where you can be yourselves. To love is to follow the rainbow through the rain, to be able to laugh at yourselves.


A Journey

A-JourneyTo love is to come together from the pathways of your past and then moving forward… Hand in hand, along the uncharged roads of your future, ready to risk, to dream, and to dare… Always believing that all things are possible with faith and love.


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